This Man Calls Himself the ‘Poo Wizard’ and He Gives Himself Feces Facials [VIDEO]

An Australian man who refers to himself as the ‘Poo Wizard’ is attempting to break the stigma associated with man ass by smearing feces on his face.

According to the video’s description on YouTube, courtesy of Caters Clips, the man is 37-year old Atlas Talisman, though many know him as the ‘Poo Wizard.’

The ‘Poo Wizard’ set out to show people that the male anus was not a bad thing, so he spread his own feces on his face, because that’s something we do now.

Of course, the Internet shamed the ‘Poo Wizard,’ so this may be his only feces facial that makes its way to YouTube.

[Caters Clips via YouTube]