Kayak A Day in May

Is there anything better than a day on the water? No!

That’s why The Rock Station Z93 and Northwoods Wholesale Outlet in Pinconning, are hooking you up with a Kayak a Day in May!

 Listen to The Morning After every weekday at 7am to find out exactly when we’ll give each kayak away. Make it through as caller 9 when you hear the cue to call and you’ll be enjoying the crystal clear waters of Michigan this summer in your brand new Rush Tangerine 9-foot Kayak! We’ll even throw in the paddle and life jacket, too! 

Plus, you’ll have an extra chance to win HERE!

We’re giving away a Kayak a Day in May and it’s all sponsored by Northwoods Wholesale Outlet in Pinconning, the Kayak Capital of Michigan, and The Rock Station Z93. 

Click here for Official Contest Rules.