‘Kidz Bop Karen’ Stopped In the Middle of Traffic to Yell at Another Driver [VIDEO]

Why can’t this woman’s children hear her calling a passenger in another vehicle a ‘bitch?’ Because, they’re listening Kidz Bop, obviously.

The video above went viral over the weekend and features a woman, dubbed ‘Kidz Bop Karen,’ who got out of her car in the middle of traffic to shout at another driver.

As ‘Kidz Bop Karen’ is chastising the driver, a passenger in the backseat starts filming her, which ‘Kidz Bop Karen’ does not like.

She calls the passenger a ‘bitch’ a few different times before uttering her now famous line: ‘They can’t hear me, because they’re listening to Kidz Bop.’

Add ‘Kidz Bop Karen’ to a list of viral sensations that also includes ‘Permit Patty’ and ‘BBQ Becky.’

[YoshiIkagawa via YouTube]