Somebody Remade the ‘Kidz Bop Karen’ Viral Video with Cartoon Characters [VIDEO]

Remember ‘Kidz Bop Karen?’

She was upset someone cut her off in traffic, so she got out of her car and berated the driver, all while her children were listening to Kidz Bop. It turns out that that viral video becomes infinitely better when those involved are replaced with cartoon characters.

In the video above, courtesy of YouTuber Nev, ‘Kidz Bop Karen’ is replaced with the Disney character Goofy and those inside the car that cut ‘Kidz Bop Karen’ off are now Winnie The Pooh and Mickey Mouse.

Here’s to hoping more viral videos, like ‘Kidz Bop Karen,’ get this sort of treatment, because it’s fantastic.

[Nev via YouTube]