This Man Dropped Over $15,000 on a Lifelike Dog Costume [VIDEO]

You could do a lot of things with $15,000. You could buy a car or, at the very least, put a decent down payment on a car. You could invest it. You could also buy a lifelike dog costume.

That’s exactly what one man in Japan did. He had always wanted to be a dog. Like, an actual dog. Not like a mascot dog. An actual, real life collie.

So, he did what anyone that has always wanted to be a dog would do. He contacted a company and hired them to make him a $15,000 border collie costume that looks pretty damn real, if you ask me.

Watch the video and tell me that you wouldn’t think that’s a real dog at first glance:

Yep. If I saw that dog in someone’s yard, I wouldn’t question whether or not it’s a dog. Sure, his dog movements are a little awkward, but I’m certain he’ll get better at it, if he really wants to be a dog.

You can follow the man’s dog journey on Twitter. His username is @toco_eevee.