My name is MacKenzie and I love cats. 

Everyday I do my very best to be unapologetically me. I really have no specific “STYLE”. One day I’m wearing jeans with holes in the knees, a t shirt, sneakers and a “dad hat”.  Next day….a….DRESS?! (Yeah that’s rare…REALLY rare) BUT IT HAPPENS!  I am the worst at responding to texts…wait… I currently have 35 unopened messages. Which makes no sense because I have like 4 friends.

When I am not working, you could easily find me researching natural healing “self-helpy” things, watching youtube videos, recording videos for my Youtube channel (KenziCopter), or looking for my next adventure!  I really should respond to those messages though…

TIP 1. you don’t have to look like the people on instagram – but you can check out mine @KenziCopter

I, MacKenzie reserve the right to revise this bio without prior notice.