Tigers making Comerica Park more hitter-friendly

The Detroit Tigers, who ranked last in Major League Baseball with 110 home runs last season, are making Comerica Park a little less spacious in 2023.The team Wednesday announced changes to the outfield dimensions, with the center-field wall moved closer by 10 feet to 412 feet from home plate.Also, the height of the outfield wall in multiple areas will be lowered to 7 feet. For example, the wall above the out-of-town scoreboard in right-center field will be lowered from 13 feet to 7.While still pitcher-friendly, Comerica will better reward hitters on balls hit to the outfield gaps and deepest parts of the ballpark while giving outfielders more chances to make “electric defensive plays such as home run robberies,” the team said in a press release.Comerica Park’s 412-foot wall in center is still the second deepest in the big leagues behind Coors Field (415). The league average is 402.Laser measurements were taken and the distance to the left-field corner didn’t change but will be accurately marked as 342 instead of 345 feet.